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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you know that last week we had a BIG cookie taste off. Why? Because we want to bring you guys the best. And bringing you the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles seemed like a necessity. A necessity that needed research. So we snapped up 16 different (highly recommended!) cookies from around Los Angeles to tell you what we thought was the very best. We tested them on taste, texture and chip-to-dough ratio, we pitted them against each other and now we’re gonna give you the lowdown. We even had Kate make a MAP of all of them that you can download to carry ’round as you do your own tour de cookie. READY!? Click through below to read our favorites from each category and where to get ’em!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles

To download your handy dandy Los Angeles Cookie Map, CLICK HERE!

The sixteen bakeries we hit are linked below along with the area of the city they are in. Several of them have additional locations and those are indicated with a (*)!

Cookie Good (Santa Monica) | Diddy Riese (Westwood) | Sprinkles (Beverly Hills*)
Joan’s On Third (Beverly Grove) | Short Cake (The Grove) | Milk Jar Cookies (Mid-Wilshire)
Milk (Beverly Grove*) | Sycamore Kitchen (La Brea) | Stella Barra (Hollywood)
Lemonade (Larchmont Village*) | LAMILL (Silver Lake) | Valerie (Echo Park*) | Proof Bakery (Atwater Village)
Big Sugar (We only recommend the downtown location!) | Commissary (Burbank*) | Snookies Cookies (Glendale)

So what did we think!? While we, as a group ranked the top five and had differing opinions on our overall fave, if I had to pick one place to send you to, it would be Milk Jar!
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Los Angeles

Photos by Jeff Mindell / Concept + Styling by Beautilitarian / Map Illustration by Striped Cat Studio / Creative Direction (and cookie tasting, duh) by Studio DIY

NOW! All of you SoCal folks… what is YOUR personal fave!? Hope you try some out and let us know. Remember the first lesson of life: Never turn down a chocolate chip cookie.

psst… If you guys like this little research experiment, maybe we’ll do our research on some other treats!? Yes?


  • Amanda

    VERY important research here. I must commend you. I haven’t had the pleasure to try most of these. My favorite from your list is Diddy Reese, so I’m intrigued to try some more of these! I definitely think more of these brackets are necessary. Feel free to call me if you need help tasting! XO

  • Yolonda

    I may be in LA soon, I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  • Naushin

    Yum! Please do one on cupcakes too!

  • Juju Sprinkles

    This is Cookie galore! Thank you for this amazing list of deliciousness Kelly!

    Juju Sprinkles

  • bri

    I am obsessed with this post! I love cookies and this a brilliant post.

  • Ashley

    M Street Kitchen should def have been in the running

    • Hilary

      Surprised that M Street wasn’t included. They really set the standard.

      • Kelly

        Ah! Stella Barra and M Street Kitchen’s cookies are one in the same! Same owner!

    • Kelly

      Ah! Stella Barra and M Street Kitchen’s cookies are one in the same! Same owner! So don’t worry, we had it covered. 😉 Just used the Hollywood location to ensure we had our cookie joints spread out across the city!

  • Jessica

    This list is crazy! Stella Barra has the best chocolate chip cookies!

  • martina

    My kids and I have been doing the exact same test over the last few months. We have some front runners that you missed:

    – DeLuscious Milk + Cookies (we got one fresh out of the oven, insane)
    – The Larder (San Vicente and La Cienega) – they offer chewy or crispy, the chewy is very, very good. Plus, they bring you a steamy towel if your kid has chocolate all over her face!
    – Tarte Tatin Bakery – expensive but it feels very lux.

    We didn’t love the one from Short Cake, but I think I’m a melty chunks kind of girl. I can’t wait to add some new spots to our tour, thanks!

    • Kelly

      Oh man! We may have to do round 2 of our cookie tour!! Adding these to our future list!

  • Jolee Studio

    I’d have to go with the milk cookie! YUM

  • Heidi

    I second the Larder, my favorite CHEWY chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate/cookie ration is about 50/50 – amazing! The CCC at Thyme Cafe on Ocean Park is delicious as well. I’ll have to try some of these!

  • Nita Suri

    Don’t know if you count it as a chocolate chip cookie, but the best cookie I’ve ever tasted was The Snow Monster’s ‘Oreo Stuffed Cookie’! I think they are only available around OC, but you should definitely try it on a beach day.

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