DIY Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments


DIY Pineapple Hood Ornament

DREAMS are being realized today, folks! DREAMS! No, I’m not going all Oprah on you and giving you all a car (Sorry, guys.) but I AM showing you how to TRICK out your current car with a hilarious, absolutely necessary DIY hood ornament. Don’t tell me you haven’t ever daydreamed about tricking out your car with a disco ball. I know you have, admit it.

You see, Autotrader approached me and was all “We want you to create a hood ornament to make your readers feel drivetastic, just like shopping on Autotrader makes you feel!” And I was all “DONE.” Because what could make your car feel more systematic, HYDROmatic, automatic…. Why, it’s #DRIVETASTIC…. than a funky piece of hood bling? Guys, you can even enter to win one! More on that below.

This was also a great excuse to fulfill my life goal of FILLING A CAR WITH BALLOONS! Let’s do this.

DIY Disco Ball Hood Ornament
Balloon Car!Balloon Car!DIY Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments

First, let’s talk about Autotrader because you’re probably thinking, “Drivetastic? HAHAHA! Buying a car actually gives me nightmares.” I totally agree(d). Jeff and I currently share a car but know that our time is limited on that, so we were pretty excited to learn more about Autotrader through this process. They’re a car shopping and selling site and they are all about convenience. As in, you can search by specific feature (like heated seats for this always-cold gal!) and even set up alerts on your phone (perfect for my husband who’s phone is his other wife). When the time comes, I’m pretty darn excited to go this route instead of the “Run all over Los Angeles and strike out” route we’ve gone in the past. Game ON! But now back to those hood ornaments….

DIY Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments

Super Magnets or Rare Earth Magnets*
Strong Glue – Like E6000

*If you’re concerned about the magnet scratching the paint, I recommend placing a small piece of felt between the magnet and the car. If you’re using the right magnets, it will be strong enough to still hold through the felt! Alternatively, if it’s just for a prank/joke, you can use a removable putty/clay to attach it.

**The best objects are going to be light but sturdy, like plastic. And they should have a smooth surface on the bottom for which to secure it to the car with. Here’s what we used: Pineapple Cup, Toy Burger, Disco Ball, Gumball Machine

DIY Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments

1. Glue your magnet to a flat, smooth surface on the bottom of your object and hold in place until set. Then, allow to set/dry completely according to instructions on the glue’s packaging.
2. Attach the hood ornament to the car with the magnet and have a BLAST. Sure, these might not be the most practical or functional car bling, but they are perfect for a birthday surprise, graduation prank, tailgating party or any other event where your car needs to be looking it’s FINEST!

DIY Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments DIY Disco Ball Hood Ornament   DIY Fun + Funky Hood Ornaments   Balloon Car! Balloon Car!

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Styling + Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

So I gotta know, what would YOU put on your car’s hood!? Tell me. If you want to enter to win yourself a schnazy hood ornament of your choice (the possibilities are ENDLESS), follow along with Autotrader on their social channels (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!) and use the hashtag #DrivetasticSweepstakes to enter!

This is a sponsored post by Autotrader. All opinions expressed in this post are unbiased and based on my personal view.


  • Erin Maree

    Just wondering does the magnet scratch the hood at all? I would love to make to some and place them on friends cars as pranks just would hate to scratch their cars in the process!

    • gina

      I was wondering the same thing – would be funny to do on my husbands car but man he would freak if it scratched it!

      • Kelly

        If you’re concerned about it scratching, you can use a small piece of felt and place it between the car and the magnet. If you’re using the right magnets, they’ll be so strong they’ll still hold through the felt! You could also use a removable putty/clay. Adding that into the post right now. =)

    • Kelly

      Good question! If you’re concerned about it scratching, you can use a small piece of felt and place it between the car and the magnet. If you’re using the right magnets, they’ll be so strong they’ll still hold through the felt! You could also use a removable putty/clay. Adding that into the post right now. =)

  • brittni

    This is amazing! And that disco ball hood ornament?! SO good!!

  • gina

    Is that a real car?? It looks so tiny!

    Sooo many choices for my car….. crab, taco, cup of coffee =)

  • Life is Rosier

    These pictures are so gorgeous and fun it hurts! ♡♡♡

  • Mandy

    Your shoes!?!?!?! Where are the shoes from I love the colored pom poms – did you add or did they come that way?

  • Mary B

    Dying to know the make/model of the car! I think it’s the same as one I took a pic of a few years ago in a Panera parking lot & have been searching for ever since– regret so much not going table-to-table until I found the owner! And PS: As adorable as that Panera car was, it didn’t have disco ball hood ornament, so yours wins by a mile!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh gosh! This is the best car ever! Let’s get that out first! I absolutely love the funky hood ornaments! The burger? Yes Please!

  • David Raab

    Gina, yes the car is real and it is tiny, I know because it is mine…I even drive it on the freeway believe it or not. Mary and Monique, it is a 1958 Goggomobil TS 400 made in Germany (notice no E at the end of Goggomobil) It is all part of a class of cars called microcars.

    Microcars were mostly made in the late 50’s to early 60’s when people needed cheap transportation. They were mostly forgotten as people wanted and could afford larger cars, but in recent years have had quite the resurgence. If you really want to waste some time go to and look through the virtual tour. Each one is cuter than the next.

  • Madi

    What is the make, model and year of this car? It’s so dreamy!

    • Kayla

      1958 Goggomobil TS 400 made in Germany 🙂 I’ve done quite a bit of reasearch on it myself!

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