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My First Mother’s Day (+ Two Outfit Ideas for Yours!)


Mother's Day Outfit Inspiration

It’s surreal to think that I’m just a few days away from my first Mother’s Day as a Mom. I still remember the pain of last year’s Mother’s Day like it was yesterday. Man, what a difference a year can make! Now I have this tiny little almost two month old who I get to spend the rest of my Mother’s Days with.

In honor of this pretty darn special occasion, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about motherhood so far, plus a little outfit inspiration for you guys and your Mother’s Day festivities! I got to team up with ECCO for this post and try out their ECCO SHAPE shoes. They’re designed for comfort which, have I mentioned Arlo likes to bounce around at all times? It makes these the perfect thing for adapting my love for shoes to my new mama life.

Mother's Day Outfit InspirationMother's Day Outfit Inspiration

For my very first Mother’s Day, I’d be happy just staring at Arlo all day. Ha! But we actually are having double the Mother’s Day celebration fun! Jeff’s parents will be in town, so we’re headed to a big family brunch with them. Then, later in the week Jeff is planning a little picnic for just the four of us (Bella is included, of course!). Both are simple and involve bread and baby snuggles, just how I like it. 😉

For those who may have similar plans, I wanted to share two easy outfit ideas with ya! For brunch, my favorite Mama Bird shirt, wide leg pants and these ECCO SHAPE miracle heels. I was actually shocked at how comfy they are. They look high (and lengthen those legs!) but the way they are designed, the heel actually sits 1/2″ lower in the shoe, reducing the pressure on the balls of your feet. It really works. They’re officially Arlo bouncing approved. Ha! 😉

Mother's Day Outfit InspirationMother's Day Outfit Inspiration Mother's Day Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Details:
Mama Bird Shirt | Mint Pants | Jean Jacket | ECCO SHAPE Block Heel

And for our picnic- a comfy jumpsuit with a t-shirt layered underneath. I’ve found myself living in t-shirts lately as they’re easy to wash and also soft + snuggly for when Arlo is cuddling up with me! But, just because they’re t-shirts doesn’t mean they can’t be jazzed up a little with layering. This time, I opted for one of the ECCO SHAPE flats. Same comfort as the heel, but better suited for picnicking! Plus, that cute tassel!!

Mother's Day Outfit InspirationMother's Day Outfit Inspiration Mother's Day Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Details:
T-Shirt | Striped Jumpsuit | DIY Earrings | ECCO SHAPE Tassel Ballerina Flats

I’m almost eight weeks into motherhood and still every time someone calls me “mom” or “mama” I kind of glance over my shoulder to look for who they are talking to before realizing, “Oh, they’re talking to me.” I just can’t get used it to. Mom? Me? This new title is one I wished for for so long, and when you wish for something that long, it’s sometimes hard to wrap your head around the fact that it actually happened. But I don’t take one second of it for granted. Here’s a few of my favorite things about being a mama so far…

The first snuggle I get when I pick him up from his bassinet. His half-asleep smile when he finally dozes off. How he holds my pinkie while he eats. Counting legs and spots on the bugs from his favorite book in English, Spanish and French. His morning giggles. Coordinating our outfits. When we turn music on and he instantly stops crying. Finding baby Arlos in the mirror. Watching Jeff become a Dad. The tiny thigh rolls that are coming in just as I ordered ’em. 😉 Introducing him to our friends and family. Discovering tiny socks hiding in the laundry. Watching his arms fly up and stretch when we unswaddle him. GAH! That stretch.

Mother's Day Outfit InspirationMother's Day Outfit InspirationMother's Day Outfit Inspiration

Photos by Jeff Mindell

If you’re a mom, what are some of your favorite moments? And if you’re still on your journey to become a mom, what are some of the things you are most looking forward to when it happens?

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  • Michelle

    The pictures are soooooo adorable!

  • Lindzi

    OMGEEEEEE he is so adorable! Congratulations again!

  • Laurel

    Hahaha, the unswaddle stretches are sooooo cute.

  • Lauren

    Happy Mother’s Day! The mama club is the best. Enjoy your beautiful boy. xo

  • Les

    OMG ARLO!!!!!!
    more style post with Arlo please!!!
    What a freaking cutie!!!! 😍😍😍😍
    Love love looove the shoes!

  • Jonel

    My son is almost 23. He lives on his own in a condo that he purchased himself. Needless to say, I am proud of him and his independence. What is a “Happy Mom” moment for me is that when he feels sick, his first thought is still to call me. When you are sick, there is nothing like getting comforted by your mother.

  • Pat Newman

    He is so cute and you look so happy. Priceless

  • Kelly Golightly

    Sooooo precious! Enjoy your first Mother’s Day with that sweet bebe!!!

  • Melissa

    It’s my first mother’s day too! We are getting all dressed up and having brunch at the Biltmore then, heading to the dog park with our first (fur) baby 🙂 There are just too many awesome things about becoming a parent – morning snuggles, finding fun new places to explore around town, watching my little man give kisses to his pup and watching his personality shine through the older he gets. Holidays are definitely 1000000% better now too!! Gah, I love it all and I’m so happy for you and your family! #dtlamoms

  • Ci-san

    You look so happy and baby Arlo is so so cute. <3
    My favorite moment of the day is in the morning, when our little miss climbs in our bed for a morning big hug.
    Happy mother day for all the mums. Here in France, the mother's day is May 28. 🙂

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