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DIY Disco Sunglasses


DIY Disco Sunglasses

Well, hello there! It’s Hannah from Homemade Banana again, and this time I’m back with the grooviest DIY you ever did see. Lately I’ve been rocking my flared jeans a little more often than usual, and I figured I needed some sunnies to match. So I looked to the disco ball to inspire my next eye-catching craft project.

I started with some high-shine mirrored sunglasses and upped the ‘70s factor by gluing on some mirrored mosaic tiles with my handy E6000—and that’s really all there is to it. This is one of those ridiculously easy DIY endeavors that requires little work and offers high reward…in the form of lots of glittering goodness. Now that really is groovy.

DIY Disco SunglassesDIY Disco Sunglasses

DIY Disco SunglassesDIY Disco Sunglasses

DIY Disco Sunglasses

Total Time: 1 Hour (+ 24 Hours Dry Time)


Mirror Tiles
E6000 Glue


1. Apply a small dab of glue to the back of a mirror tile, then place it softly on the sunglasses. Let the tile sit for a few minutes until the glue firms up a bit, then press down firmly and hold in place for another 30 seconds.

2. If any glue leaks from beneath the tiles, use your fingernail or a toothpick to wipe it away before it fully dries. I like to wait a few minutes before cleaning off the glue, because that gives it time to turn from a liquid into more of a tacky substance that won’t smear when you go to remove it.

3. Work from the center of the brow bar outward, using the top of the frames as a guide. Then, do the same along the bottom. After that’s complete, work your way up the sides of the lenses, overlapping on the last tile if need be.

4. Finally, add tiles to the arms of the sunglasses. Let fully dry for about 24 hours. And that’s all there is to it!

DIY Disco Sunglasses DIY Disco Sunglasses

Photos by Hannah Cross

Where would you rock these sunnies? I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for wearing from drinks to dinner to dancing at the disco. Or, you know, to brunch. That works too!

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