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Hey, it’s May! There’s still time to celebrate May Day with this fun dessert, but if your thoughts are already set further ahead, I’ve got another food-i-fied DIY for you today! You know those little food picks with the fringey cellophane tops, often stuck in sandwiches and things of the like? Well, toss those out the window because now you can make your own! Except prettier, and fringey-er. I thought of this little food pick project when I was crafting this project I shared over Easter (Can you spot ’em?). They are so super fun for Cinco de Mayo and every single party you’re planning to throw this summer, that it was time I shared them in all their glory. All you need to do is find tissue paper in your party colors and you are all set.


BONUS! You can use the same technique on bamboo skewers to make drink stirrers too!



Supply List:

Tissue paper (crepe paper also works)

To Make:

Cut your strips of tissue paper, each should be about 4″ long by 1″ wide. Fringe your strips, you can stack them together to make this go faster.

tissue-paper-food-picks fringe-food-picks

Run a super thin line of glue across the bottom of your fringed stripe of tissue. Place the tooth pick at the end and carefully wrap the tissue paper around it, rolling until you reach the end.

diy-fringe-cupcake-toppers fringe-cupcake-picks

Fluff the fringe and it’s time to eat!

diy-tissue-paper-food-picks diy-food-picks-for-parties

Use these for mini sandwiches, stacks of mini pancakes (Now that’s a good idea!), appetizers, as cupcake toppers and… the list goes on!


All Photos by Studio DIY

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