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DIY Fries (Before Guys!) Costume


DIY Fries Before Guys Costume |

Last year, I wanted to make a fries costume. And I ran out of time. AND THEN this year, I knew I was gonna make it PLUS “Fries Before Guys” became my most favorite phrase, and the stars aligned and BAM! A double whammy. A fries costume to go with your bestie’s burger costume or a fries before guys costume to wear to parties and hold your “>” bucket next to all the guys there. Or just make your boyfriend stand next to you all night. BAHA! We all think it’s hilarious over here (We’re allowed to say that, yes?) and I hope you do too!

DIY Fries Before Guys Costume |
DIY Fries Before Guys Costume |


Cardboard (We buy large sheets of it at the art store!)
3″ Thick Upholstery Foam (We used a full 72″x24″ sheet)
Red and Yellow Spray Paint
Box Cutter
Hot Glue Gun
Wide Ribbon (For straps)
Yellow Dress
Black Halloween Bucket/Cauldron and White Tape (For the “>” symbol!)

DIY Fries Costume |
DIY Fries Costume | DIY Fries Over Guys Costume |
DIY Fries Costume | DIY Fries Costume |
DIY Fries Costume | DIY Fries Costume |


1. You’ll need to cut out four pieces of cardboard, the front, back and two sides, to form your fry container. Reference above for shapes. Ours measured approximately 25 inches wide, 15 inches deep, 33 inches at the tallest point in the back and 19 inches at the shortest point in the front. Spray paint them all red (both sides) and let dry according to the directions on the can.
2. Hot glue one side piece to the back piece. To do this, run a line of hot glue down the very edge of the back piece and place the side piece on top. This will help hold it while you add more glue. Add more glue along the inner seam to really secure it. Repeat with the other side.
3. Now glue the front piece to the sides. To do this, run a line of hot glue on the very edge of one side piece and place the front piece on top. Do the same with the other side. Then go back and add more glue along the inner seam to secure it. It helps to have an extra set of hands for this step! Step into the fry container and mark where you want the straps to attach. We recommend placing them about 9 inches apart in the front, criss-crossing them, and then placing them about 11 inches apart in the back.
4. Now it’s time to make your fries! Tips for cutting through foam: Cut on top of cardboard or another surface you don’t mind cutting into! Use a box cutter and cut one slit, the length of your fry, about half way through the foam. Then go back and cut through the rest, in one smooth cut.
5. You’ll need to make two sizes, one short and one tall. To do so, we cut about 10 fries, 3″ wide each, off the end of our piece of foam so they were each 24″ tall. Then we cut the remaining foam the opposite way, so each fry was about 40″ long.
6. Spray paint all the fries yellow. I purposely painted mine uneven, since fries aren’t one solid color! Let dry according to the directions on the can.
7. Hot glue the fries to the inside of the container. Start at the back and glue the taller fries along the back, at different heights. Then glue one or two to each side, making sure you leave a space for your arms to go in-between them. Then glue the short ones to the front. Slip the ribbon straps you already glued on in-between the fries.
8. To make the “>” bucket, use white tape to to make the sign on a black bucket. Simple as that!

DIY Fries Before Guys Costume |
DIY Fries Before Guys Costume |
DIY Fries Before Guys Costume |
DIY Fries Costume |

Photos by Jeff Mindell

You could also totally use that bucket with any food for a “foods before dudes” costume! OH THE POSSIBILITIES! But I’m just really digging this fries costume, guys or no guys. And if the dozens of people who stopped to take pictures of us as we shot this are any indication, you’re sure to win ALL the best costume awards. GOALSSS!

If you make a Studio DIY costume, share it on Instagram with #studiodiyincostume to be featured here on the blog (and for a chance at some other cool surprises we have in store!)!!


  • Kristina B

    OMG I am DYING. This is hysterical!!!!! I have the “Fries Before Guys” background from on my phone so this is just perfect. I hope someone invites me to a costume party so I can do this.

  • Lynne

    This is awesome! I see why Jeff was excited about this one, it’s perfect!

    I have a little tip for cutting foam. If you have access to an electric knife they cut foam easily and precisely.

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Gosh you! I can’t believe how awesome every one of your costumes is! It’s perfect!

  • lacey

    Love this so much! : ) Great job!

  • lacey

    I love this idea so much!

  • Cindy

    Love this!! May I ask what kind of spray paint you used? An employee at the store told me regular spray paint would make holes in the foam.

    • Kelly

      I always use Montana brand spray paint. You can buy it art stores (it’s typically used by graffiti artists), it’s my favorite brand hands-down!

  • Hannah

    Hi! I am trying to make this costume for Halloween this year & I am really struggling cutting the foam into smooth strips. The box cutter is making it really jagged…any suggestions?

    • Kelly

      Try to make long smooth cuts and don’t use the knife like a “saw” back and forth, that will cause it to be very jagged. Cut through a portion of the foam then go back in and cut through more, until you’ve made it all the way through. Hope that helps!!

  • Rachel

    Where did you find white foam? All I can find is green!!!šŸ˜«

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