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DIY Rainbow Photo Collage With Instax Square


DIY Rainbow Photo Collage

So this project is one part gift and one part 2018 inspo project!!! I got the chance to try out the FUJIFILM Instax® SQUARE SQ10 hybrid instant camera and the FUJIFILM Instax® SHARE SP-3 SQ printer and was trying to think of something fun I could do as a gift for Jeff.I came up with the idea to make a DIY rainbow photo collage! As I was making it, it got me thinking that this would be a great year-long project to embark on. You could carry your Instax around with you and take photos of different color moments you see throughout the year. You could choose to focus on one color/shade per month, or just take the photos as you happen to find different hues and at the end of the year, compile them all together into this!

I think it’s really great to have a year long project that’s just about being creative so I hope this inspires you to do just that!!

DIY Rainbow Photo CollageDIY Rainbow Photo Collage

The SQ10 is awesome because it’s a digital camera that also prints… so you kind of get the best of both worlds! You can instantly print the photos you take (Maybe carry around a cute wallet or clutch to store them all in!?) or you can save ’em and print ’em later. You can also add different effects and use the photo editing capabilities built right into the camera!

The printer is also pretty great, as you can print any photo straight from your phone!! Here’s how I made mine…

DIY Rainbow Photo Collage


DIY Rainbow Photo CollageDIY Rainbow Photo CollageDIY Rainbow Photo CollageDIY Rainbow Photo Collage
DIY Rainbow Photo Collage

DIY Rainbow Photo Collage

Total Time: 1.5-2 Hours


FUJIFILM Instax® SHARE SP-3 SQ Printer
35 Instax Photos in a variety of colors
24 x 36" Frame
24 x 36" Mat Board (Often times a craft or framing store will cut this down for you if you find one that's larger than you need!)
Glue Stick


1. Take and print all your photos with your SQ10. You'll need 35 total to make the 24x36" collage like I made, and can adjust that number accordingly if you want to make a smaller or bigger one!
2. Lay out all your photos on your mat board and organize them by rainbow. You'll need seven rows of five photos each. If you have similar subject matter in a few photos (like people or cars) try to not stack them on top of eachother if possible to draw your eye throughout the collage instead of to just one place! Once you have your desired layout, I like to take a quick picture to refer back to just in case I mess it up along the way.
3. Now it's time to start gluing! Your best bet is to start with the very center photo, so that would be your 4th row down, 3rd photo in. First, you'll want to find the middle of your mat board. Measure 18" down from the top and 12" in from the side. That's your center. Use your glue stick to glue that photo centered right on top of where you measured.
4. From there, all photos should be spaced 1.25" apart. Work one row at a time. So lay your ruler across your mat board under the photo you just glued and space and glue the remaining four photos accordingly.
5. To start the next row, use your ruler to measure 1.25" down from the center photo and glue your next photo there. Then build at the row as you did above. Repeat with all rows until your collage is complete!
6. Place your mat board into the frame and you're done!

DIY Rainbow Photo CollageDIY Rainbow Photo CollageDIY Rainbow Photo Collage

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Didn’t it turn out so fun!?!? Imagine if you made it even BIGGER!? Omg! You could also totally do this on a magnetic board and move the images around as you take them. Would be a great family project to work on throughout the year and then turn into a gift at the end!

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