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DIY Boy Tears Piñata


DIY Boy Tears Piñata

You can’t have a No Boys Allowed party without a giant boy tears piñata! DUHHHH! Complete with a gigantic soda tab and a “100% Fresh Squeezed” sticker, we aren’t messing around, ladies! Realistically, you could adapt this piñata to be anything that comes in a soda can *cough everyones favorite sparkling water cough* but this was the most appropriate for our rendezvous.

DIY Boy Tears Piñata

DIY Boy Tears PiñataDIY Boy Tears PiñataDIY Boy Tears PiñataDIY Boy Tears Piñata

DIY Boy Tears Piñata

Total Time: 3-4 Hours


Two Large Sheets of Cardboard
Pink Crepe Paper Streamers
Silver Mylar
Scissors or Fringe Scissors
White Cardstock
Purple Cardstock
Aluminum Foil
School Glue
Hot Glue
Masking Tape
Fishing Line


1. Roll one piece of cardboard into a large tube shape (the main part of the can). Use masking tape to tape in place.
2. Trace the bottom of the tube you just made onto the other piece of cardboard and cut out the circle. Set aside.
3. Cut 3 inch deep slits all along the top of the cylinder. Bend them inward to form that slightly narrower part at the top that cans have. Tape in place.
4. Flip the cylinder over and trace the new smaller circle you've made onto cardboard. Cut out.
5. You're going to want to cover both circles you made with silver mylar. Lay each one on top of a sheet of mylar and tape the mylar along the back to secure in place. Hot glue the bottom cylinder to the can. Then, lay a long piece of fishing line over the top of the piñata. Glue the top circle in place on top of the fishing line and then tie the ends of the line in a knot. This forms a large circle of fishing line for hanging the piñata!
6. Time to fringe! I like to pre-fringe my streamers so I can have it all ready to go and just fringe all at once, but you can do so as you go if you prefer. Fold over several feet of pink streamer onto itself and cut fringe through all the layers at once. Repeat!
7. Start from the bottom of the piñata and using the school glue, glue the fringe along the bottom of the piñata. Continue adding layers of fringe and working your way up the piñata until you reach the part that starts to curve in. You'll want the rows to be about 1/2" apart.
8. Cut a couple 2" wide strips of silver mylar and fringe those just like you fringed the pink streamers. Beginning where you stopped the pink, fringe the top couple inches of the piñata.
9. To make the soda tap, cut out a tab shape from cardboard. Then wrap it with strips aluminum foil until it's completely covered. Hot glue in place on the center of the top of your can.
10. Use a craft cutter (or cut out by hand) to cut out a "Boy Tears" label. If doing so by hand, I recommend making a template out of computer paper and then tracing it and cutting it out of cardstock. Hot glue in place on the piñata.
11. Do the same to make the "Fresh squeezed" label and hot glue in place!

Boy Tears Piñata!

Another giant piñata in the books, you guys! Some other ones that would be perfect for a no-boys soiree? This lipstick, this hairspray or this tropical drink!!



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