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DIY Toaster Pastry Costume


DIY Toaster Pastry Costume

This one was another crowd favorite from our line-up post… the toaster pastry costume!! If you’re not into hats or, you know, turning yourself into a giant slice of pie (How could you not be into that!?)… this one is for you! It’s just a dress with a little flair! 😉 Honestly, I would wear this as a dress (sprinkles and all!) basically any time of year. But, we won’t get into that now…

DIY Toaster Pastry CostumeDIY Toaster Pastry Costume

DIY Toaster Pastry Costume DIY Toaster Pastry CostumeDIY Toaster Pastry Costume DIY Toaster Pastry Costume 

DIY Toaster Pastry Costume

Total Time: 45 Minutes


Tan Dress
Pom Pom Sprinkles with Removable Velcro Dots
1 Yard Pink Felt
Temporary Hem Tape and Removable Velcro Dots or Needle & Thread


1. Cut out a rectangle that is about 8-10" shorter than the length of your dress and 4-6" narrower than the width. Make the edges of the rectangle wavy and uneven, like frosting would be!
2. Attach one half of the velcro dots to the pom poms. Then attach the other half to the felt, wherever you want the sprinkles to be.
3. Velcro the sprinkles in place.
4. Run strips of hem tape along the entire edge of your felt. Peel off the backing and adhere to the dress, pressing firmly. For extra security, it's best to tack each corner with a needle and thread or use some of your leftover velcro dots to double-secure them.

DIY Toaster Pastry Costume DIY Toaster Pastry CostumeDIY Toaster Pastry Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you should probably carry around a pretty pink toaster all night as your prop. That’s practical, right? 😉 It would be fun to do a breakfast theme group costume and add a donut and a cereal bowl to the mix!

Remember, if you make a Studio DIY costume, be sure to share it on Instagram with #studiodiyincostume so we can feature it on the blog!!


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