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Favorite DIY Costumes of 2014


DIY Pineapple Costume
Halloween weekend has quickly become my favorite weekend of the year. Not because I ever really do anything fun on Halloween, but because I just LOVE seeing everyone’s costumes. And this year was particularly special for me…. because hundreds (!!!!) of you MADE Studio DIY inspired costumes. I keep saying it, but I am just floored. Halloween is the one time where I really get to see my ideas come to life en mass via you guys and it really just makes my whole darn YEAR! Per usual, I’m rounding up my favorite DIY costumes from around the web and Instagram and I’m also sharing a peek at ALL the awesome crazy costumes you guys shared in the #studiodiyincostume tag (and via email). Including the one above, from Letizia. Did her little lady nail it or WHAT!? The showcase of costumes below is pretty epic so just. keep. scrolling. GO!

Studio DIY In Costume 2014

Amazing, isn’t it!? I can’t thank you all enough for sharing these photos with me. Seeing all of you, your kiddos, your significant others, even your pets! I just… no words!!!!!! Makes this crazy job worth it times 1000! And for those of you looking for the original tutorials for these costumes, the links are below:

DIY Pineapple Costume / DIY Strawberry Costume / DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume / DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Costume / DIY Croquembouche + Pastry Chef Costume / DIY Birthday Cake + Birthday Boy Costumes / DIY Donut Costume / DIY Macaron Costume / DIY Balloon Costumes / DIY Queen Bee Costume

And now, for a few of my other favorite costumes this year!

DIY Avocado Maternity Costume
I came up with this avocado costume idea and just NEEDED someone who was pregnant to do it. Luckily, Juli took on the challenge. I MEAN!!!!!! It’s just the best, easiest maternity costume, right!? (She layered two shirts and cut a hole in one of ’em, in case you’re wondering.)

DIY Butterfly and Butterfly Catcher Costume
Every year I look forward to Julie Ann’s costume and this year didn’t disappoint. AMAZING!

DIY Family Peter Pan Costume
Cutest family of the year award goes to… Anna’s clan! I truly hope our future children are game for a family get-up like this because it’s just too adorable.

DIY Mini Michael Jackson Costume
As a huge Michael Jackson fan, I couldn’t pass up Blue Ivy’s costume. GET OUT!

DIY Bandit Costume
Best from-your-closet costume award goes to Sarah! Nailed it.

DIY Rifle Paper Co Synchronized Swimming Costume
DIY Rifle Paper Co Umbrella Costume
DIY Rifle Paper Co Costume
I always look forward to the Rifle Costumes, as you longtime readers know. The BEST idea, bringing Anna’s designs to life. Be sure to check their hashtag for the rest!

DIY Hollywood Tourists Costume
DIY Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox Costume
A few costumes from Mary’s party we went to! Hollywood tourists (genius!!!) and Paul Bunyon and the Blue Ox!! (Both above photos by Mary Costa Photography)

DIY Mini Oh Joy Costume
DIY Mini Studio DIY Costume
And last, I couldn’t resist sharing a few of Jen’s DIY mini blogger costumes! Never thought someone would dress up as me, but it was just TOO hilarious!! Loved seeing a mini Oh Joy there too! (Both above photos by Jess Koehler)

 And that’s a wrap! Just one more thank you for making this the best Halloween ever, and for making October the #1 highest traffic month in Studio DIY history! ‘Till next year!


  • Brittni

    Wow! These all look amazing, Kel. Love seeing your readers wearing the DIY costumes you came up with. And that mini bloggers costume of you is adorable.

  • Laura @ Making Baby Provence

    These are awesome! I love seeing all of the ideas, too. So glad you shared these. I love seeing everyone replicate your costumes. By any chance, do you have any suggestions for a DIY 1920’s costume for a husband and wife? I’m struggling to come up with that for a theme party!

  • Mary Costa Photography

    That butterfly/butterfly catcher costume is GENIUS! And it’s seriously amazing that so many people have created your creations, Kelly! You’re awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  • Letizia rhodes

    I’m the adorable pineapple mom! Let me tell you first
    How many compliments we got on it. I had a lot of fun making the costume and she did wearing it. My little donut loved her costume too. I think I’m going to rock the ice cream come next year. Thanks for the featured post!! Love your blog and feel honored!

  • Aileen

    This is awesome! So much fun seeing all the different takes on your ideas. And the avocado is TOTALLY genius too.

  • Nicki M

    Oops! That comment I just left on the previous post was meant for this post (duh)! Thanks again, Kelly. ­čÖé

  • Marlan Willardson

    Love!!! Thank you so much for doing this. We loved doing the pineapple and can’t wait to try more of your genius ideas! xoxo

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