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Free Printable Leprechaun Notes


I have literally been talking about how much I love these printables all weekend. A few weeks back I had the idea to make itty bitty notes to leave around the house from the mysterious little leprechauns that sneak around on St. Patrick’s Day! I knew I wanted to partner with someone awesome on these notes and after meeting Kate from Striped Cat Studio at Alt Summit and falling head over heels for her hand lettering and watercolor, I recruited her and she rocked it OUT! The idea is to leave these free printable notes (Download them HERE!) around the house with little treats and a magnifying glass for easy reading (or really, because it’s just more fun that way!) on St. Patty’s Day. The kids (and adults, right?!) will have a total blast trying to spot the notes throughout the day!

Free Printable Leprechaun Notes

CLICK HERE to download the Free Printable Leprechaun Notes!

You can pick up plastic magnifying glasses at your local party store (in the favor aisle) or on Amazon (work that Prime shipping!) here. You can read the notes without the help, but you know you want to get them anyway! Now keep reading for a few ideas on the treats and trinkets to pair them with!

Free Printable Leprechaun Notes for St. Patricks Day

Breakfast time, and note number one, calls for Lucky Charms! Adults, don’t act like you wouldn’t like this too! These aren’t just for the kids, you know…

St Patricks Day Free Printable Leprechaun Notes

Make your own pots of gold (this tutorial is coming on Wednesday, so check back!) and fill them with tiny sweets in their lunch.

Free Printable St Patricks Day Leprechaun Notes

A rainbow of candy or crayons for after-school fun!

Printable Leprechaun Note for St Patricks Day

And how about a bed covered in shamrocks with a perfectly Irish goodnight story for the little ones, or a dinner table sprinkled with lucky clovers instead!

St Patricks Day Printable Leprechaun Notes

All Photos by Studio DIY

Remember, you can print out these leprechaun notes right HERE!

A huge, confetti-throwing thank you to Kate for working her lucky magic on these printables! Be sure to check out all her awesomeness on her blog right here. (I’m a particularly huge fan of her Dog Stalking column. I’ve made it my mission to get Bella on there!)

Striped Cat Studio for Studio DIY

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