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Haunted Housewarming: Our Costumes


Our costumes!! I’m very excited to finally share what Jeff and I were for the big Halloween party (check out our guests’ costumes here!), even if it took me up until the week before to settle on an idea! This year, I decided to keep the French theme going after making the French macaron costume. Jeff wanted to be a “person” and I wanted to be a “thing” and look at this compromise! He was a French Chef and I was his creation… a croquembouche! If you have no idea what that is (Don’t worry, most people didn’t!), you can check them out here. It’s a French wedding cake, and it was a blast to DIY! More info on how we pulled it off below! (pssst.. there’s a hilarious non-French surprise at the bottom of this post!)

DIY French Chef and Croquembouche Costume

For Jeff’s costume, we purchased an inexpensive chef’s jacket at a local restaurant supply store and picked up the hat at our local party store. I had some red fabric that we tied around his neck and we drew a classic mustache with face paint.

DIY French Chef and Pastry Costume DIY Croquembouche Costume

And for my costume! I ordered this hoop skirt on Amazon and chopped off the bottom layer. I picked up a pack of those brown-colored coffee filters and bought white tissue paper in bulk. I made the “puffs” by balling up a sheet of tissue paper, wrapping it in a coffee filter and hot gluing it in rows to the costume. I think it took about 100 overall. Then I safety pinned ribbon as straps. For the headpiece, I glued another puff along with a paper flower to a headband. I put my hair in a sock-bun and wore a nude dress underneath and wedges. Voila! Sure, I could have added ribbon or string for the caramel strands that bind the croquembouche together, but I found it looked to cluttered when I tried. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

DIY Croquembouche Halloween Costume DIY Croquembouche Headpiece Costume

And now for Bella!! Last year, as many of you may have seen, Bella was the house from Up (my favorite movie). We had to keep up the crazy dog costumes this year, and decided she should most definitely be… a piñata!! No dogs were harmed in the making of this costume. Just maybe a little irritated.

DIY Dog Pinata Costume

I made fringed strips of crepe paper and hot glued them to a dog sweater. Yes, it really was that simple. We picked up this hilarious mini-sombrero a few years ago at Disney World (thanks Epcot!) and it fit perfectly with her get-up. Though it didn’t stay on long…

And that is what our little family paraded around the party as this Halloween! In case I haven’t already mentioned, I love dressing up for Halloween! In fact, I already have a list going of costume possibilities for next year. Dog included.

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  • Brittni

    Kelly! You nailed it on the costumes this year (as always I’m sure). I can’t believe the puffs on your dress are coffee filters. Awesome!

  • Teresa

    This is GREAT! And Bella’s costume is just fabulous!

  • Mandy H.

    You’re costumes are sooo awesome! Fantastique!

  • Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel

    This is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen! I love it. How adorable are you! I was wondering what the puffs were made out of. Coffee filters. Genius!

    You’ve convinced me; Tagg is going to be a pinata this year…

  • Yelle

    Absolutely love it! You make an adorable croquembouche! And your pup, Bella, such a cute idea to be a pinata!

  • Tiffanie

    OUT OF THE PARK, Kelly! These are awesome. AWESOME! I need to dress one of my kids as a piñata next year. SO GOOD!

  • Cheryl

    What a great costume and definitely unique!!! It fits both of you very well!

    I love the pinata outfit a lot!!!
    Just made a pinata for UN Day at my son’s school…it would have been a great mascot for their group ~ South America. I wished I continued on with the fringes and made our chi go…so cute!!!!
    Will definitely aim for this next year!

    • Kelly

      How fun! Yes the costume would have been perfect and hilarious! Like you said, there’s always next year! =)


  • icing designs

    oh my gosh quite possibly the BEST costumes EVER!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  • [email protected] Happened

    now this is an original idea! I love it to pieces, and your puppy looks adorable 🙂

  • Erika

    This is amazing!! You have totally inspired my husband and I for costumes for a “come as your favorite French anything” party. I have been dying the coffee filters so they look like pastel macarons (so pretty! I’m matching these colors: I’ve sewn a lavender ribbon to the top and bottom edge and for straps. I’m just about to put them onto the Amazon hoop skirt but wondering if sewing or glue gun is better. I see that you glue gunned them…did you use a low setting on gun so the fabric skirt and paper balls didn’t melt? And please tell me – did they stay on well for the party?!

    • Kelly

      Hey Erika!

      This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard! Please oh please take pictures and send them to me!!! I did not use a low setting on my hot glue gun and it worked just fine for me. If you are concerned, I would just test one (near the bottom of the back) and see what happens, but mine glued on just fine and stayed really, really well. I pretty much use hot glue for everything! Just use a plentiful amount of glue and try to keep your hands out of the way so you don’t get burned. I hope that helps!!


  • Amy Larkin

    *squeal!!!* This is by far the best couples Halloween costume I’ve ever seen!! That dress would have been so fun to make.

  • Peter

    Wow – excellent costumes – very unique!

    In case you (or any of your readers) are interested, there is a creative costume contest at and the grand prize is $250. You are allowed to enter multiple times, as long as each entry is unique.

    Keep the great ideas coming – it’s almost Halloween!


  • Allie

    I absolutely LOVE this costume idea! In fact, I love it so much that my husband and I are going to try to make it for our costume party next week. Just one question… I tried to buy the hoop skirt you referenced here, but it was sold out. So I bought one that is fairly similar. Problem is, it’s not a full dress–It’s just a skirt. Sounds silly, but did you attach the puffs directly to the hoop skirt (assuming yours was a full length “dress”), or was the top made of something else? Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

  • Maggie Nguyen

    Love this idea! I used it for my halloween costume this year, I made it into a skirt instead of a dress so I could wear it outdoor without freezing to death( Thanks for the cool idea & instructions!

  • Ali

    I LOVE the piñata idea. My baby’s name is Bella too. If you don’t mind me asking do you use the streamer type of paper? Did you cut each piece into separate pieces or just a long piece that you fringed before gluing? Thank you!

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