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Easy Costume Ideas for Teachers


Easy DIY Costume Ideas for Teachers

I’ve been getting a LOT of requests for Halloween costume ideas for teachers and also group costume ideas for teachers! Well, luckily… I’ve got a whole blog full of ’em! Today I thought I’d round up all the different costumes that would be school appropriate and fun for the students to see, too. Some are for individuals, some are for groups and for some I combined several costume ideas to create an even larger group! There’s a few family costumes we’ve done, and I’ve added some quick notes about how to turn those into all adult costumes!

And one last note, while I tend to wear dresses for my costumes, most of these ideas can be easily re-created on t-shirts so they are more budget-friendly and/or appropriate for school, too!

DIY Space Family Costume

DIY Solar System Costume

Science teachers, unite! This DIY solar system t-shirt would be SUCH a fun costume for you! And if you have a teacher pal who wants in on the action, you can easily make a t-shirt version of my rocketship dress too!

DIY Fruit Costumes

DIY Fruit Costumes

We have SO many fruit costume tutorials, and it is the BEST group costume because it’s simple, everyone knows exactly what you are and every single one of them can be made with a t-shirt and a few simple craft supplies like felt! Check below for all the tutorials:

DIY School Supplies Family Costume

DIY School Supplies Costumes

I mean, sometimes you just have to go with the classics and embrace a school supplies costume theme! I’ve shared the tutorials for a pencil, sheet of notebook paper and an eraser (you can re-create this for adults by using a pink tee or dress!) but you could easily add in some crayons and a marble notebook (just splatter paint a black shirt!) if your group has more people!

DIY School Lunch Costumes

DIY School Lunch Costumes

This juice box costume is one of my all-time favorites we’ve created and it would be PERFECT, along with a whole bunch of lunch inspired costumes! I’ve got the tutorials for a pb&j costume, an apple costume and a cookie costume! I’d also love to see a whole bunch of different juice flavors (just using different t-shirt colors!), how fun would that be?

DIY Popcorn Costume

DIY Popcorn Costume

While red and white stripes are SO fun for a popcorn costume, you can also just wear any sort of red pants or skirt as the bottom! And the shirt is made with just paint and crumbled paper!!! Score!!

DIY Cactus Costume

DIY Cactus Costume

All you need is some yarn and a green shirt or dress to create this DIY cactus costume! It’s perfect to stand on it’s own, or you can find a variety of shades of green and make a whole desert’s worth of cacti costumes for the team!

DIY Soda Bottle Costumes

DIY Soda Bottle Costumes

These bottle cap hats are made with just a pie tin and yardstick! Grab a bunch of colorful tees and some scissors + felt and you can make a whole coolers worth of sodas and lemonades! Find the tutorial right here.

DIY Pizza Slice Costume

DIY Pizza Slice Costume

If wearing a cardboard pizza slice costume isn’t practical, take the concept and do it on a yellow t-shirt! Paint a brown (crust) and red (sauce) band around the bottom and then add felt or painted toppings! Each teacher can decorate theirs with their favorite pizza toppings, and I think it would be SUPER funny to have the assignment/worksheet for the day in a pizza box so you had to pass them out to the kids from there. (Do people still pass out worksheets or is it all digital? Am I old?)

DIY Family Weather Costume

DIY Weather Costumes

Be a ray of sunshine with an easy DIY sun costume headpiece!!! A few other cute costume ideas to pair this with for a full weather spectrum: raindrops on a blue tee, lighting bolts on a black tee and cotton balls on a blue or gray tee for a snowy sky! Perhaps even a rainbow painted tee, too!?

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie

DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costumes

Another craft store creation: t-shirt or dress and pom poms, plus a quick headband made of felt and BOOM! You have a frosted animal cookie costume! I love the idea of doing this as a group with all different animal ears. This one is so simple and can easily be thrown together at the very last minute.

DIY Palm Tree + Beach Ball Costumes

DIY Palm Tree Costume

Live somewhere warm? Or somewhere that could use some worth come October 31st? Wear a palm tree costume to instantly bring the tropics to your school! You could wear any tan/khaki/beige outfit for this because all you need is a DIY palm headpiece to complete it!

DIY Hot Dog Costume

DIY Hot Dog, Ketchup + Mustard Costume

If there’s a trio of teachers looking for costume ideas, how about hot dog, ketchup and mustard costumes!? This is another one easily created with t-shirts or monochromatic outfits.

Go even further and add more summer/carnival/amusement park food like a burger, cotton candy and popcorn!

DIY Lawn Flamingo and Cactus Mommy and Me Costume

DIY Flamingo Costume

Ok so I went with a lawn flamingo costume for this, but you could add a baseball hat beak and tail to any pink outfit to be a flamingo! And your colleagues could adapt the idea to all different birds, too, to create quite the flock!

For more group costume ideas click here! And for all our DIY costume tutorials, click here!

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  • at home with Ashley

    These are SO cute! I’m having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. Maybe the popcorn one?? When I was younger I was grapes. I got purple sweats and my mom pinned a bunch of blown up balloons all over me. I obviously couldn’t sit down all day haha.

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