5 Secrets to More Color at Home

How To Make A Popsicle Stick “Up” House


We got into making popsicle stick crafts after making this popsicle stand. Popsicle sticks are such an easy, affordable craft material to work with. This time we had to do a Disney spin from one of our favorite Pixar movies and make a popsicle stick Up house! It’s one of the most colorful, magical houses…

Happy Weekend!


How are you? This is my first link round up in quite some time. I am continuing to update my anti-racism resources post, but as I continue to ease back into sharing other content here, you’ll also see timely and important links and action items shared in these posts, too. We’re celebrating Father’s Day and…

Parent-Approved Solutions for How To Get Rid of the Pacifier


At age 3 (and some change) we finally, successfully got rid of our toddler’s pacifier. We delayed it for more than a year out of sheer terror (primarily of losing sleep we worked so hard over two years to gain) despite so many reminding us “You are making too big of a deal, it won’t…

Can’t Clutch This: Beach Clutch


Who’s ready for our second interactive clutch!? Our pool clutch was a major favorite, and when I asked if you all would like to see another clutch where you could use the pool gal pins, you were all FOR It. So here it is! Meet our beach clutch! The clutch comes with some cute beach…

Anti-Racism Resources + Our Action Plan


Graphic by Stuff Grace Made I have a lot of work to do to become the ally I want and need to be for the Black community, as a white person who benefits from my white privilege every day. It is my job as a white person, and as a parent, to both unpack what…

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