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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Happy Weekend!


Happy weekend! And Happy February! January is FINALLY over!!!! Haha all the January memes are so accurate, aren’t they? It is the longest month. Anyway, we’re about 95% done painting our piano, HOORAY! Having a paint sprayer was a game changer!!! No big plans at all over here for the weekend, just working on wrapping…

Rugs I Didn’t Buy, So You Should Vol. 7


First rug round up of 2020!! And there’s some stunners in here! I’ve been hunting for a small rug for our piano bench and for a runner for my hallway, so you’ll see some of those results reflected here with my picks. Which one is your fave!?!? Here we go! 1. Pink and Colorful Vintage…

Free Printable 2020 Oscar Ballot


Our 2020 free printable Oscar Ballot is here! This has become a fun tradition for so many of you, and a printable ballot is the perfect addition to your Oscar party, or just your Oscar viewing party of one (or two, or two and a half in our case….)! It’s a fun way to place…

Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday!! I’ll never figure out how having one extra day off in a week makes it feel like your week is four days shorter. Haha! Does anyone else feel that way? This week really flew by!!! Arlo and I went to our musical theater class, I went to a dance class and I made…

Our Home Renovation Projects: Updates on What’s Done + What’s Left!


I did this post last year and shared all the projects that we finished, were working on or still intended to do on our 1930s fixer upper and you guys have been asking if I could do an updated one! So here I am! It’s also selfish-ly really helpful for me to put a “goal”…

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