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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

The Mindwelling: Kids’ Bathroom Inspiration + Mood Board


Holy moly, folks! We are in the final stretch of major renovations!! Our guest bathroom, which I’m calling the kids bathroom (because kids rooms are just MORE FUN!), is the final major renovation in the main part of our home. After two years of nearly constant renovations, I am beyond excited to type that sentence.…

Our Favorite Halloween + Dia de Los Muertos Books for Kids


We’ve amassed a fun collection of Halloween books for Arlo and have been having a BLAST reading them. It’s so fun seeing him get PUMPED about a holiday for the first time! He’s currently very into skeletons and vampires and tells everyone that when he goes trick or treating he will get “chocolate” haha! Not…

Happy Weekend!


It’s been a wild week! I was happy to see Friday roll around, not gonna lie! What are you up to this weekend? We’ve been hanging with friends and are going to carve a pumpkin with Arlo for the first time tonight! I’m hoping to make a dent on cleaning out our guest room (again)…

DIY Candy Necklace Costume (+ Sweet Tooth Couples Costume)


If you want a costume that you can quite literally throw on like a feather boa around your neck, this is for you! A DIY candy necklace costume!!! Had the vision for this one after we did our candy and sweet tooth costume for Arlo’s first Halloween and now here it is! I even made…

Can’t Clutch This: October


Meet October’s Rise and Shine clutch!!! It does double duty by being reversible (see below for the other side!!) and I am SO pumped about it!!!! First, we brought back a style we’ve only done one other time and it’s a REALLY good one. It’s kind of a makeup bag style so not only does…

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