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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

How To Make LEGO Christmas Presents


It was super exciting to get the chance to be a part of The LEGO Group’s Rebuild the World project this year!! Arlo is just starting to get into LEGO building so it was especially cool to get to partner up! LEGO asked me to take some basic LEGO sets and re-build them into something new…

How To Turn Your Kitchen Cabinets Into Christmas Presents


Since before I was born, my mom has been turning our kitchen cabinets into Christmas presents. Every year, each cabinet would be wrapped with a holiday ribbon and a themed ornament. She loves to tell the story of the first year she did it and my brother asking “But how are we going to USE…

Can’t Clutch This Reveal: December


We’re about to dive into not only a new year but a new DECADE!! Isn’t that crazy!? In honor of a new year and new possibilities, meet December’s SUNRISE clutch!!! I thought it was the perfect little hint at the fresh start a new year can bring, especially paired with our keychain this month that…

Happy Weekend!


Happy Sunday! We had a pretty relaxing weekend at home, after a super busy weekend and week. It was so nice! We made cookies and Christmas candy and decorated the outside of our house and went to see some crazy Christmas lights. There is nothing I love more than weekends at home! I can NOT…

The Mindwelling: Our Kids’ Bathroom Reveal!


It’s DONE!! Our final renovation project on the main part of the house is COMPLETE!!!!! I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all today our new kids’ bathroom!! We took this space from a *literally* falling apart, awkward, old bathroom into this! An animal-inspired, jewel toned bathroom for Arlo and his future sibling(s)!…

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