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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

2019 Gift Guide: Creative Books for Kids


When it comes to shopping for kids a bit older than the toddler set, I really love to give gifts that spark creativity when I can. If you’re local to the recipient, gifting a class to a local creative workshop is an AWESOME idea, but if you aren’t, books rooted in arts, crafts and curiosity…

Happy Weekend!


Happy Sunday!! This week felt so strange, anyone else feel similarly? We all three got hit with or were recovering from various illnesses (Yay toddler life!) so almost every plan got moved or changed, plus it keeps raining which has made a lot of our shoots tough to complete! (I know, we are so spoiled…

Where to Buy Bottle Brush Trees + Decorative Christmas Trees


One of my prized Christmas collections is my bottle brush tree collection (Gotta update with a picture of this year’s collection soon, but our whole house has been under the weather!)! What is it about the holidays that just makes you want to collect things? My parents always had a Nutcracker collection and a snowman…

2019 Gift Guide: Jeff’s Wishlist and Favorite Things


I always get a lot of questions about gift ideas for husbands, boyfriends, brothers… you get the picture! So today I recruited Jeff to put together a list of a few of his favorite things he owns, plus a few things on his wishlist too! Take it away, Jeff! Graphic by Meagan Knight for Studio…

Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday! Publishing my weekend post a bit early, in case any of you want to take advantage of some of the (mostly small business!) sales I’ve been shopping today too! And a few other links from the week, per usual! We’ve been decorating and are going to get our tree today or tomorrow too,…

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