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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday! Our first week back to work was a bit rockier than expected but the highlight of the week was the delivery of our new piano!!!!!! Getting really excited to give this piano a facelift and refresh my piano lessons so we can make some music together as a family!! Jeff’s parents are in…

My Favorite Things I Bought in 2019


I did this post last year (and still stand by everything there!!) and you guys seemed to like it so I thought I’d do it again this year and share my favorite things I bought in 2019! They are mostly basics or necessities, ok and some random other things too like chocolate, but all things…

A Review of 2019 + What To Expect in 2020!


Happy New Year! Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a good holiday. We had such a wonderful break, seeing family, laying low and getting things done around the house. I wanted to kick off 2020 with my annual recap post of the previous year! I’ll link some past ones here too, in case you’re new.…

Happy Weekend + Happy Holidays!!


My final post of the year! We just wrapped up our final project of 2019, and now begin the mad dash of finishing gift shopping/wrapping/packing before we head out to Ohio to see my family for Christmas. This is our first time traveling for Christmas with Arlo, so I’m learning the ropes of coordinating all…

How To Make LEGO Christmas Presents


It was super exciting to get the chance to be a part of The LEGO Group’s Rebuild the World project this year!! Arlo is just starting to get into LEGO building so it was especially cool to get to partner up! LEGO asked me to take some basic LEGO sets and re-build them into something new…

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