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Rugs I Didn’t Buy, So You Should Vol. 5


black and rainbow vintage moroccan rug

I accidentally skipped July’s Rugs I Didn’t Buy post!! But I’ve been so knee deep in looking at rugs for a few spots in our house that I’ve got a ton saved up for ya! Can’t wait to hear your fave(s)!!

fucshia moroccan rug

1. Fuchsia Berber Moroccan Rug: This tonal rug is stunning, and you could totally add it to an otherwise neutral room to really change the feel of it! Alternatively, you can add it in with a bunch of other pops of color and really go crazy. I love the versatility of a rug that is primarily one color.

small moroccan rug vintage

2. Small Vintage Azilal Rug: I wanted to get this one to use as a wall hanging for the living room, I love the pattern and the color combo! Unfortunately it’s way too long… someone please get it!!

black and colorful vintage moroccan rug

3. Black Vintage Berber Moroccan Rug: Another black runner because I’ll never get over how the colors pop against it!!!! This is destined for the perfect hallway. (Mine?)

hot pink vintage moroccan rug

4. Vintage Pink Border Ourika Rug: I thought this one was so intriguing! All the bold neons against that gray-brown background really POP! It would look so great in a living room with a white/off-white couch and some fun pillows!

red orange vintage moroccan rug

5. Vintage Red Orange Azilal Runner: Something about this bold red orange just gets me. I like how it walks a line of symmetrical (with the borders down the sides) and not symmetrical (with the different diamond shapes), it feels very inviting and like it would perfectly lead you into the next room of the house!

dark colorful vintage moroccan rug

6. Colorful Beni M’Guild Rug: I’m SO fascinated by this rug! The color combo feels so unique, with all the bright pops against the darker blue and purple tones. I actually think this would look amazing with a leather couch like the one we have, but it’s too narrow for our space!

blue moroccan rug

7. Blue Vintage Moroccan Rug: Another blue one that I came across in my endless searches. The blue is STUNNING and I love that it only has one main pop of color so you have freedom with the other colors you want to add in!

Pink and Blue Boujaad

8. Pink and Blue Boujaad Rug: Apparently pink and blue are the themes of this post

9. Vintage Beni Mguild: Not at ALL my typical color palette but there is something about the drama of this rug that has pulled me in over and over. It’d dark but would add SO much life and texture to a room.

So… which one is your fave!??!?


  • Sarah

    I love this series! Keep posting! I have a question. We recently carpeted our bedrooms with a low-pile Berber carpet. I have been layering rugs on top but I’m afraid to try a vintage rug. I think it would be gorgeous but I wouldn’t want the vibrant colors of these rugs to bleed on the very light carpet. What are your thoughts?

    • Kelly

      Hmm good question! We have a pink/burgundy one layered on top of a white rug in our bedroom and haven’t had an issue. That said, I have noticed in general that sometimes the dye will transfer a bit, like if I scrub it with a rag/paper towel to get a stain off, for instance, so I suppose it is a possibility. I wonder if you could put some sort of thin rug pad in between to be safe?

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These are all os beautiful! Rugs are totally one of my weaknesses!


  • Puleng

    Pink and blue Bouchard and blue vintage are my favorites. All love them all

  • 192.168.l.l

    The last rugs is my favorite on this list, that color and texture are so stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  • Emily

    I am in love with the pink ones, but I think that rich blue would look amazing with my bedroom theme (which is a witchy bohemian emphasizing deep blue tones and coral). I just wish I had the money for interior decor-especially for my living room. It’s sorely lacking.

  • ashishsarkar

    Looking very nice but I don’t know it’s quality.
    Where it’s available.

  • Mona

    Wow that’s awesome idea thanks for sharing!

  • Buy Shoes Online

    I love this post because you’ve beautifully captured the essence of monsoons.

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