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Rugs I Didn’t Buy, So You Should Vol. 2


Blue Moroccan Rug

Time for this month’s installment of rugs that I’m going to jealous if you buy (alternate title, ha!) and there are some GOOD ONES HERE! So good that I double checked every single one to make sure I really couldn’t fit it in my house. Don’t forget to tell me your fave in the comments!!

1. Blue Bound Moroccan Rug (Above): I’ve never seen this color blue as the primary color for a Moroccan rug before!! Isn’t it stunning!? This would be SO glorious in a nursery.

Hot Pink and Blue Moroccan Rug

2. Hot Pink and Blue Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug: Alright, which one of you is bold enough to have this in your house? I think the contrast between this and a tan leather couch or some rattan would be to die for.

Purple Moroccan Rug

3. Purple Beni M’Guild Moroccan Rug: I wouldn’t call myself a purple person but WOW. This shade or purple is so rich and refreshing!!! I see this in a dining room with some sort of amazing chandelier and a round table. UGH.

Purple and Orange Moroccan Rug

4. Violet Beni M’Guild Moroccan Rug: I love how many layers of color this rug has, LOOK at how the different shades fade in and out underneath the diamond pattern. Wow. This would be stunning in a bedroom.

Golden Mustard Moroccan Rug

5. Mustard Abstract Boujaad Moroccan Rug: Shades of yellow don’t seem to be super common for Moroccan rugs (believe me, I’ve looked) so I HAD to include this one. I love the abstract pattern and how all the varying yellow tones play together.

Pink Orange and Aqua Moroccan Rug

6. Mauve Boujaad Moroccan Rug: This one might be my favorite of the bunch? The pattern is so different and the color combo is 10/10 EVERYTHING!!! I want to see this in a living room, mine preferably, but I’m trying to stay away from a pink rug this go around!

Peach and Neon Moroccan Runner

7. Peach + Neon Moroccan Runner: I wish I could justify widening my hallway solely so I could fit this rug in it!!! So which one of you has the perfect hallway to fit it!??!

Abstract Moroccan Rug

8. Geometric Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug: I swear, Jeff and I both (separately!) looked at this rug and said “It looks like It’s A Small World!” Do you agree!?!? So naturally, I had to include it. I don’t tend to love geometric patterns but I can’t stop thinking about this in a Small World inspired playroom!!

So now I need to know, 1-8… which one is your fave!?


  • Karlee muse

    Definitely number 2! 🤩 But i agree number 8 would be so good in a play room! 😍

  • @shkoon_shop

    Thanks for the shout-out Kelly <3

  • Taylor Collery

    I’m thiiiiiiss close to convincing my husband we need number 6 🤞

  • Maria

    Hi! I love these kinds of rugs but I have a one-year old and I’m worried they’re not the most kid-friendly – could you tell me how you manage with Arlo? Have you had any issues at all? No rug-ruining stains??

    • Kelly

      I actually feel like the rugs are super forgiving to stains because of the patterns and texture of them! We haven’t really had any major issues! The smaller ones are able to be washed in the washing machine, and we have someone come about once a year to deep clean our larger ones!

  • Michelle

    I just cannot decide which one I like best, they look so gorgeous!

  • jo rachidi

    Great shout out for the sheer loveliness of Moroccan rugs!

  • Mandy

    Rug 6 is on its way to my house 😊

  • Sonja

    Oh my word. Those rugs are so special. How on earth does one even choose just one??? #7 and #8 are just stunning. What is the story behind these rugs? Have they been making these in Morocco forever or are these contemporary versions?

  • Sonja

    Can one buy these rugs online?

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